Benefits of Hyaluron for Skin

Hyaluronic acid hydrating serum

Hyaluronic acid is often found in skin care products. It is commonly used in moisturizing creams, lotions and serums. Hyaluronic acid is also used for injectable dermal fillers, which help remove wrinkles and give volume to the face and lips.

The highest amount of hyaluronic acid is found in the skin. It is a major component of the extracellular matrix, which is a gel-like substance that surrounds skin cells. Well-known proteins – collagen and elastin – are also part of this material. Hyaluronic acid is not only a substance that covers the skin cells, it is a vital element in keeping the skin hydrated. Hyaluronic acid moves the absorbed water to the surface of the skin (epidermis). In addition, it plays an important role in maintaining skin elasticity and tone, cell metabolism, regeneration and healing.

Hyaluronic acid naturally diminishes with aging. Skin regeneration and elasticity are no longer as good as before. This is because the skin becomes thinner and drier with age. At age 40, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin begins to decline rapidly.

The benefits of hyaluron

It is most often attributed to anti-aging, but it is not very accurate. Below you will find the real benefits of the products saturated with this product.


  • Humidification

Hyaluronan-containing products will attract moisture from deeper layers of the skin to the surface. In addition, when living in a humid area, skin moisture retention is also absorbed from the environment, which helps absorb and maintain it.


  • Smooth and shiny skin

Although hyaluronic acid will not help remove wrinkles, when applied with moist skin looks smoother. Also, the wrinkles around your eyes and lips often indicate that your skin is lacking in water and needs proper care.


  • For all skin types

Hyaluronic acid increases the moisture content of the skin without fat. In addition, it has a light consistency and can be found in oily products.


  • Skin Protection

Some studies suggest that hyaluronic acid has antioxidant properties and can help regenerate cells by scarring. Moisturizing products containing hyaluronic acid are often recommended after laser treatments.


  • Refreshes face

Although hyaluronic acid cannot stop aging, injections can. Hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the skin to help fill in deep lines and wrinkles. Also used for face restoration: cheeks and lip filling. The benefit of hyaluron is that it encourages the skin to produce more collagen, which is needed to maintain skin elasticity.

Give your skin vitality and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Enrich your complexion with a smoothness and radiance that is suitable for all skin types. Remember, happy we look the most beautiful!