Causes of blackened eyes

Causes of blackened eyes

ver the causes of darkened eyes. A few of them can really surprise you.


  1. Sleeping on your side or on your stomach

Although most people think that sleep deprivation is the only cause of darkened eyes, this is not true. You also have an influence on how you sleep. If your sleeping position is lying on your side or abdomen, your face should come in contact with the pillow. That’s why dermatologists advise trying to sleep on your back, which not only benefits your face but also prevents the formation of wrinkles on your chest. If you are very uncomfortable sleeping on your back, consider sleeping with an extra pillow.


  1. Sunlight

If your eyelids look more brownish this may be due to pigmentation. The skin around the eyes is highly sensitive to or deficient in hydration and is constantly exposed to environmental factors. Therefore, this place may be vulnerable to sunlight. You need to invest in good sunglasses to effectively protect your eyes from sun damage.


  1. Too much salt or coffee

You may have noticed that if you take a lot of salt at bedtime you will wake up with swollen eyes. Certain products that are high in sodium and caffeine may cause your body to retain water, make the skin under the eyes difficult and affect the darkening of the eyes.


  1. Makeup

You expect makeup to cover the dark circles under your eyes, right? However, using the wrong product can make the situation worse. Makeup should hide discoloration and imperfections, but if your makeup products do not tolerate the skin it can lead to the opposite result.


  1. Erasing your eyes

Itching and rubbing of the eyes can cause darkening under the eyes. If you want to rub your eyes, consider adding cucumbers that are high in sodium and will remove excess water from the skin.


  1. Spending time with your computer

Staring at a computer screen all day can cause a lot of stress to the blood vessels around the eyes, which are forced to work without proper rest. As the blood vessels surrounding the eyes enlarge, the skin around them becomes darker. This happens when the body produces more cortisol to deal with the stress the eye muscles are under. When working at a computer, take frequent breaks. Give your eyes an hour of exercise for at least 30 seconds and allow them to rest.

Try to avoid stress and factors that can affect dark circles under the eyes. Sleep comfortably and well, and do not consume salty foods before going to bed.