The rules

1 General provisions

In order to purchase the goods you like in the online store (hereinafter the Online Store), please familiarize yourself with the following rules, which are the purchase and sale agreement (hereinafter the Agreement), establishing the mutual rights, duties and responsibilities between the seller (hereinafter the Online Store) and the customer (hereinafter the Buyer ).

2. Conclusion of the contract

The contract between the Online Store and the Buyer is considered concluded from the moment when the Buyer, after forming the shopping cart, specifying the delivery address and choosing the method of payment for the order, clicks the "Buy" button, and the Online Store sends the Buyer a confirmation to the e-mail specified by him. by mail about the acceptance of the order. All Agreements are stored in the Online Store database.

3. Buyer's rights

3.1. The buyer has the right to buy in the online store in compliance with these rules and the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

3.2. Individuals of legal age and legal entities have the right to purchase goods in the online store.

3.3. The buyer has the right to refuse the ordered goods and the Agreement by notifying the Online Store in writing within 7 working days from the day of delivery of the goods, according to the 2001 August 17 By order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania no. 258 "On the approval of the rules for the sale of goods and the provision of services when contracts are concluded using means of communication".

4. The buyer undertakes

4.1. Accept the goods ordered in the Online Store and pay the agreed price for them and their delivery, using the payment methods provided in the Online Store.

4.2. Immediately update the changed data of the Buyer - phone number, address, etc.

5. Online store rights

5.1. If the buyer tries to harm the operation of the Online Store, the Online Store may suspend or limit the access to the services provided by it.

5.2. The online store has the right to suspend or terminate its activities and change the rules without warning the Buyers.

5.3. When the buyer pays for the goods by bank transfer, if the order is not paid within 5 working days, the order is cancelled. The order is paid when the entire amount provided by the Buyer for the purchased goods is in the bank account of the Online Store.

6. Obligations of the online store

6.1. To create suitable conditions for the Buyer to use the services provided by the Online Store.

6.2. Deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer to the specified address and within the agreed time.

6.3. In case of difficult circumstances, the Online Store, unable to deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer, undertakes to offer similar goods, and if the Buyer refuses, to return the money paid.

7. Delivery of goods

7.1. The goods are delivered by an authorized representative of the Online Store.

7.2. The goods are delivered to the Buyer within 1-5 working days, throughout Lithuania.

7.3. Regarding the delivery fee to Neringa and Neringa district. ask for additional e-mail by letter or phone.

7.4. When delivering the goods to the Buyer abroad, a €6.00 ​​delivery fee by registered mail or a €12.00 delivery fee by DPD courier is applied. If the order amount is less than €20, a delivery fee of €6.00 ​​by registered mail or a delivery fee of €12.00 by DPD courier is applied.

8. Return of goods

8.1. The return of goods is based on the 2001 June 29 By order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania no. 217 "On approval of rules for return and exchange of items". Perfumery, cosmetics and toiletries are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

8.2. Goods that the Buyer is not satisfied with due to their shape, size, color, model, completeness (with the exception of exceptions provided for in the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania) are accepted from the Buyer and replaced within 14 days of returning the goods to the Online Store.

8.3. The goods must be returned in the same packaging in which they were delivered. The package must be undamaged, clean, properly prepared and packed. When returning goods, it is necessary to present the document of their purchase.

8.4. If the returned (exchanged) product is of good quality, the buyer pays the costs of the returned product to the seller. The goods must be returned to the specified address: Savanorių pr. 176E, Vilnius. In the event that the delivered product does not meet the quality requirements, the seller pays the return (exchange) costs himself. Goods are returned via the selected courier service. It is not possible to return goods through a postal machine. After receiving the returned product and assessing its quality, the Seller returns the money for the product to the buyer within 14 days of receiving the written notice of cancellation of the purchase-sale contract.

8.5. The buyer is responsible for the packaging of the returned product. If the product is incomplete, the seller does not accept the returned product.

9. Liability

9.1. The buyer is fully responsible for the correctness of the data provided in the registration form. The online store is not responsible for the consequences due to the absence of the Buyer's accurate data in the registration form.

9.2. The responsibility for the performed actions remains after transferring your login data to third parties.

9.3. The online store is not responsible for the information provided on other web pages, even if the Buyer accesses the said pages through the links in the online store.

9.4. In the event of damage, the guilty party will compensate the other party for the damages incurred in accordance with the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

10. Sending information

The online store sends the information to the Buyer by the e-mail specified in the registration data. The contacts of the online store are listed in the "Contacts" section. The buyer's data is stored based on the Personal Data Protection Law of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts regulating the collection of such data.

11 Final Provisions

The law of the Republic of Lithuania applies to these rules. All disagreements arising from the implementation of these rules shall be resolved through negotiations. If it is not possible to reach an agreement, disagreements are resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.