Rules and conditions

1. General provisions

To buy the goods in online shop (hereinafter – the online shop), please read these rules that are also a purchase and sale agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement) that determines mutual rights, obligations and liability between the seller (hereinafter – the online shop) and the client (hereinafter – the buyer).

2. Conclusion of the agreement

The Agreement is deemed to have been concluded between the online shop and the buyer as soon as the buyer places items in his shopping cart, specifies a delivery address, chooses a payment method and clicks the button “Buy”, and the online shop sends the confirmation on the accepted order via the buyer’s email. All agreements are stored in the online shop database.

3. Rights of the buyer

3.1. The buyer has a right to purchase goods in the online shop according to these rules and the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

3.2. Adult natural persons and legal persons can purchase goods in this online shop.

3.3. The buyer has a right to cancel the ordered goods and the Agreement by notifying the online shop in writing within 7 working days from the date of the delivery.

4. Obligations of the buyera

4.1. Accept the goods ordered in the online shop, pay for the goods and their delivery, using the payment methods provided in the online shop.

4.2. Immediately update changed data: telephone number, address, etc.

5. Rights of the online shop

5.1. The online shop has a right to terminate or restrict access to its services if the buyer attempts to interfere with the operation of the online shop.

5.2. The online shop has a right to suspend or terminate its activities, or change its rules without prior notice to the buyers.

5.3. If the buyer chooses to pay for the goods via bank transfer and does not pay within 5 working days, the order is cancelled. The order is deemed to have been paid when the online shop receives the full amount of money for the purchased goods.

6. Obligations of the online shop

6.1. Provide appropriate conditions for the buyer to use the services of the online shop.

6.2. Deliver the ordered goods to the specified address within the agreed time.

6.3. If in difficult circumstances, the online shop cannot deliver the ordered goods to the buyer, it undertakes to offer similar goods, and if the buyer refuses, to return the money.

7. Delivery of the goods

7.1. The authorised representative of the online shop delivers the goods.

7.2. The goods are delivered to the buyer within 10–15 working days by registered post across Europe or within 5–7 working days by DPD courier across Europe, except Norway.

7.3. Delivery to the buyer abroad will be subject to the delivery charge of € 3.00 (registered post) or € 6.99 (DPD courier).

8. Return of the goods

8.1. The goods must be returned in the same packaging as they were delivered. The package must be intact, clean, properly prepared and packed. When returning the goods, proof of purchase must be submitted.

9. Responsibility

9.1. The buyer is fully responsible for the accuracy of the data submitted in the registration form. The online shop shall not be responsible for the consequences due to the lack of accurate data in the registration form.

9.2. Responsibility remains for the actions taken in case of transfer of login details to the third parties.

9.3. The online shop shall not be responsible for other information provided on other websites, even though the buyer is redirected to these websites via links in the online shop.

10. Transmission of information

The online shop sends information to the buyer via email specified in the registration form. Contacts of the online shop are specified in the “Contacts” section. Data of the buyer are stored according to the Personal Data Protection Act and other legislation regulating the collection of such data.

11. Final provisions

All disagreements regarding the implementation of these rules shall be settled by negotiation. In the event of disagreement, the dispute shall be settled in the country of the registered office of the service provider.