Special beauty products (set)

Bio-Cellulose Face Mask 4 pc. – this mask adheres to the face like a second skin and instantly revitalizes, hydrates, helps to reduce micro wrinkles and plum it. Using a 3-D mesh structure, the bio-cellulose mask has incredible adhesion properties for a comfortable fit and helps the skin absorb all the essences more deeply and effectively.

Makeup sponges set – exclusive design multifunctional makeup sponges allowing for flawless application of foundation, primer, and BB/CC creams. The rounded side is for blending, flat edge for contouring, and pointed tip for concealing. Only make sure you wet it first so that the material expands and won’t absorb your product. It’s latex-free, non-irritating, non-allergic.

#Charmer hair band – the universal hair band is perfect for applying face cream, cleansing the skin, relaxing with a face mask, performing facial massages, or applying makeup. The tape does not slip and is soft on both skin and hair, so maximum comfort is guaranteed.